kleine badkamer snelle ideeën en oplossingen

Dé oplossing voor een kleine badkamer: de Roomsaver
de oplossing voor een kleine badkamer. Bespaar ruimte met de Roomsaver van Burgmans Sanitair.


In the spacious bathroom you can stroll around and use cool design ideas and advanced technology. But for those who have very small bathrooms, it also wants to draw the most elegant and useful every corner.

For a small space will be very successful use of mirrors or decorative plaster. Mirrors will increase the space, it is understandable. They can be placed around the perimeter of the room. Thus, you get the effect of the volume of space. Mirrors can be combined with any other material, which fully decorate their walls is not practical: it requires careful daily care or splashes, stains literally destroy the entire splendor. An alternative to conventional mirrors can be frosted or ribbed glass.

What materials can be covered in walls and floors ibadrum? The standard response – plates! But fortunately not only! Now there are a variety of materials to create beautiful, exquisite bathroom design.
Popular materials for interior:

decorative plaster;
 ceramic tiles.

If suddenly the ceilings are "good" (it happens in some homes), it is possible to beat beautiful contrast colors. For example, making a light "down and dark" up. "But when a common ceiling, at the entrance to this room, it seems like he is about to crush us. This discomfort and they must be izbegat.Modnye and, of course, a beautiful multi-level ceiling in a small bathroom looks bulky.

We want to achieve at least some space, at least visually.

What can we help with this?

With this in mind, you must choose the right alternative finish roof in the bathroom. The material must withstand constant exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures and be strong. It is unlikely that anyone will want to make an annual repair and reflect on the next design project. Therefore, we must focus on the proven and popular methods of roof decoration:

false ceilings;
 Pinion aluminum ceiling;
 mirrored ceiling.