lamps that bloom like flowers

The Bloom Lamp


Fixtures develop and fold their petals like flowers.

This lamp is similar to a living flower. As he descends from the ceiling, his "petals" is revealed. A special program makes lamps blossom in a specific sequence, creating an illusion of dance.

Dancing light.

Most of the flowers open and close the sink leaves in a moment of danger or to save energy. This natural mechanism Studio DRIFT inspired designers to create Shylight kinetic luminaires.

Kinetic Shylight Lights.

Lamps from Studio DRIFT designers.

Exciting lighting "Come Alive" devices via the system of feathers that allow the lights to go down and to bloom, and then go up and cover the petals.

Exquisite lighting, reminiscent of flowers.

Shylight made of several layers of silk, giving them a special grace movement. And there is a special program for a variety of lighting, which sets the frames for some fixtures motion and allows them to "dance".

Fluorescent lamp.

"Live", they can add to the interior dynamics and enthusiasm. A Dutch designer presented fireflies, which are also "come alive", worth a visit to the sun over the horizon, and turn off the lights in the room.