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Lighting and rules for its use in interior design

The furnishings were modern and luxurious, the same modern and beautiful as well as from leading designers, the house should have multilight lighting. We offer familiarity with different types of lighting products, including recessed lighting, track system, ceiling lamp, and the rules for their use in decoration. To achieve perfect results, only know the secret, used by professionals to achieve the perfect interior.


Windows – the main source of light

Perhaps someone will believe that Windows does not interfere with the review, but sometimes they decide the rules for placing artificial lighting in the room. In addition, daylight is the ideal designers try to use as much as possible or simulate by means of electric light. It must be understood that even in sunny weather a window is not enough for lighting, it is also necessary to think of the beginning of the dark time of day, the room will look perfect at any time.


Interior Living Room Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC

On recessed luminaires, think about the first one if you want to add additional light sources or modernize the interior. Several of these lamps are installed along the walls, because if the room is large, the light from the central chandelier does not fully reach these places. But even a number of such lamps will not suffice.

dining interior of Borges Brooks Builders

Also embedded models, lighting systemYou need to turn on lights, hanging lights, lights for painting paintings, and can not be excluded from this system box on the wall. The entire system has three levels, different types of light sources, located in different parts of the room. Light eliminates hard shadows and adds inner elegance.

Track System

The Kitchen In The Spotted Frog Designs

In the 1990s, the attitude of tracking system-clear, but later, experts determined the functional superiority of this kind of lighting, especially in the kitchen. Built-in luminaires light up vertically, from top to bottom, do not illuminate the work surfaces, and the luminaires of the track system can be directed to the right and get the desired results. The lighting of the drawers themselves also culminates in this problem, and in combination with track systems it shows a relaxed and ideal lighting.

hanging lamps

Dining Interior from Brandon Architects, Inc.

Another important type of roof lighting is considered decorative hanging lights or crystal chandeliers. In chandeliers, in most cases there are several incandescent lamps (which can create an illusion of a multi-level illumination). Ceiling lights in dark areas of the room, directly above parts of furniture or modern appliances.

Interior with hanging lamps

The light from the hanging lights can be directed upwards or downwards, or the general diffuse. Suspended lights with down lights are placed above the dining table or chair to read – they will provide comfort and an illusion of privacy. Ceiling lamp with a directed upward diffusion and cover ceilings and everyone in the room as much as possible.

Pristennye pendant lamps

Interior with wall mounted hanging lamps

Hanging lamps can play a role of light bulbs, reinstall them from the walls, especially in the bedroom. We should not forget if a person looks in the mirror while shaving or applying makeup, the light source should be directed to the person, not the mirror. Several light sources in the center of the room will make the room lighter.


The interior with the roof

At first sight, it seems that fastening lamps on the same concrete roof are extremely difficult, but come to the maximum limit, where you can install recessed lighting, ceiling lamps and even LEDs. In this case, we not only have light sources, but also create an exceptional and beautiful interior element and interior.


The interior of the bathroom from Hansgrohe USA

Behå there are a variety of shapes and types – absent with ornaments absolutely simple. In a light bulb light bulbs more often. For example, they are used to shine on the face, and the placement of the lamps in pairs on the walls creates a lounge atmosphere.



Instead of sconces or in addition to them, you can set the backlight, which will increase the lighting in the dark areas of the room. Backlighting, mainly light-emitting strips, are installed in niches, along the boundaries of the frame or shelf, so that the light source can not be seen.

decorative lamps

decorative lamps

Basically, it's a part of street lighting, but they are also used for lighting in the bathrooms – they give a soft diffused light and perfect complement to the ceiling chandeliers.

Table and floor lamps

Interior Living Room Emerald Hill Interiors

Standard and table lamps differ mainly in size and position, but both types of light are additional sources of light at the point where they are placed – on a table in a corner, in the middle of the room. Lamp mounted in front of the window, because its function is to fill the lack of daylight in the evening. In addition, the light from the lamp complements the ceiling lamp.

Linear LED Wall Tray

Backlight image and walls

Linear LED headlights are installed on the walls, and they perform a decorative role, for example, it can be a highlight in a fragment of masonry, artwork or textured cover. Explain such items, you can complement the décor with play of light and shadows, and the room becomes much brighter.



If the room is beautiful and ceilings, then the vertical light upwards marks attention and will be reflected downwards. Similar lamps are perfectly combined with linear LED headlamps. As a result, an unusual addition to the room's architectural features will be obtained. If you set the vertical light upwards, on the floor along the walls, you get a modern décor and interior. However, it is necessary to acknowledge that recessed lights and vertical lights look minimalist and modern as in the art gallery.
In addition, you must consider the lighting system. It is still necessary to choose beautiful and original lamps, such as Shinight kinetic lamps from Studio DRIFT, which can flower like flowers.