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How To Make Any Bathroom Look (And Feel)
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A well designed and well planned bathroom is an essential part of a well planned house. Remodeling a bathroom or building a new one entails a lot of cost and cannot be changed easily so it is mandatory to have a proper and well researched plan before you start the project.

Planning a Functional and Practical Bathroom Plan

A bathroom is a very important space that should be attached to the bedroom or close to it. Make sure that if the bathroom is small there is enough space for one person to use it conveniently. A bathroom should be well lit and it would be best if it has access to natural light. There should be enough space for storage by installing free standing or wall mounted cabinets. A bathroom has to be located above or below rooms using water like a kitchen, utility room or another bathroom.

 Bathroom Plan Layout

While designing the bathroom plan layout you need to keep in mind certain considerations. The shower or the tub should be placed on one side of the bathroom so as to distinguish between the wet and dry areas. You can raise or lower the bath in certain areas and make it look like a design. You can also choose between a free standing shower cubicles to a luxurious bath in a tub. Taps, Faucets and mixtures can be placed wherever required. The toilet should not be placed right opposite the door. There should be vanity sink counter with storage cabinets below it. A big mirror on the wall of the vanity would tend to expand the bathroom. Small built in niches should be made near the shower or tub to keep your daily essentials.  A towel rack can be very handy if placed near the shower. Other bathroom fixtures like a toilet roll holder, soap holders or shower shelves can be placed at strategic points where they are needed. In case of a small bathroom you can conserve space by having a corner vanity but make sure it does not interfere with the door. If there are windows in the bathroom think of the etched or patterned glass you would like to have. Lastly the bathroom ventilation is very essential so getting an effective exhaust fan would be perfect for reducing moisture and mold in the bathroom. Lighting fixtures should also be placed in a way to ensure the bathroom is well lit.