mobile sleeping cells save space and money

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B-and-Bee – sleep cells similar to a honeycomb.
When the music festival is in full swing, Most hostels are overcrowded, and the financial situation of the audience does not allow them to stop for the night at hotels. Here comes the help of large sleeping cells similar to a honeycomb. They are much cheaper, and can also be a good alternative to a tent camp.

Design projects of the two companies and Compaan Labeur.
Successful creative tandem design companyCompaan and Labeur won the Belgium architectural competition with its project called B-and-Bee. Inspired by honeycomb architects developed an excellent alternative to tents – sleeping prefabricated cells.

Beds in the form of hexagonal modules.
B-and-Bee is a system hexagonal container stacked on each other. Each module is made of a light metal frame, lined timber. Openings on both sides are closed tight rubber cloth. Each "room" is a double bed, lamp, storage space and mini safe.

B-and-Bee. Quick installation.

B-and-Bee. The containers can be painted on the theme of the festival.
Another alternative to the original tent towns is the company Architects Yoon Space and Song Pyoung. This will be the mobile home in the form of oval capsule called Albang. Designers offer maximum living space when using the minimum number of interior items.

B-and-Bee. View from inside.

B and Bee – a place to spend the night at festivals.
An important feature of B-and-Bee is their quick assembly and disassembly. In addition, these sleeping cells occupy much less space than a tent so that they can be installed in areas where the allowed area of ​​residence is very small.