modern minimalism

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Modern minimalism rather vague concept design. Now called minimalist almost every interior, which contained some furniture strict shapes and the space itself is rather extensive. Designers easily combine different styles, trends and currents, so it includes one or the interior strictly to one type of interior is not always easy.

Initially, minimalism, as a trend has been issued from two directions – functionalism and constructivism. Each of these areas appears in several different shapes, but bear a single core, each thing, interior or object must reflect only its basic character and have no unnecessary details and decor.

Interior minimalist in its originalapereinachil as a monumental form of constructivism and rude "stamped" functionalism, expressed in its more adapted and smoothed form. As a result, the focus has come to life during the second half of the 20th century.

If we consider the development of the latest contemporary designs in design, then minimalism parity with modernity has leading positions. Especially this trend is noticeable in the volumes sold furniture and accessories massive scale.

The popularity depends on the modern minimalistic objective conditions, generally useful for the consumer style the cheapest. The masses understood, minimalist decor, this sofa, desk, table, TV. Choose bright wallpaper, perhaps the carpet – that's all you need to add to the interior, and it will "fit" into the modern trend, although the style of minimalism, the interior has a rather symbolic attitude.

Pictures of minimalism in the interior of the living room.

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