natural materials in interior original decor in bathroom

(Inspiration) Create a rustic look with natural wood and raw materials.


Natural materials in the interior: the original interior of the bathroom
Bathroom – this is the place where the choice of materials used has a huge impact on the relationship between the inner and the outer. This is where nobody else in the whole way will be natural materials, which give beauty and texture. The stone and wood – the best choice for bathroom design.

The interior of the bathroom from identity creation

The interior of the bathroom from the Pearson Design Group

The stone can often be used for walls, hanging them on the floor for a unique feel under the feet. From it you can make sinks and even bathtubs. Some of these elements will affect the appearance of the room formed by it and the atmosphere.

The stone can often be used with wood, which will heat the toilet and create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. An interesting solution would be rock shelves, especially if the entire interior is decorated in a rustic style. Not superfluous and would have a bench.

The interior of the bathroom hartdesignandconstruction

Interior bathroom in modern style

The interior of bathroom locati architects

Stentrappers can be the original part of the bathroom interior. They have a rough texture, making them ideal rustic decor. A large window helps to create an illusion of space.

The original design of the bathroom

Accent stone wall

Stone walls will completely change room. Although it is not completely coming to the ceiling, it still creates a unique mysterious atmosphere. Her natural and unprocessed form makes it transform into the main composite center.

The interior of the bathroom stomarchitecture

Dark gray stone walls will not be noticeable, but it will greatly affect the general atmosphere.

An interesting element can also be a simple stone in the middle of the bathroom, it becomes a sculpture decorative element. However, the rest of the furnishings should be simple and discreet.

The interior of the bathroom Hufft

Pebbles stone is small, beautiful and universe. These properties allow its use in various ways in the interior, especially bathroom. The easiest way – to finish its floor around the bathtub, the formation of such an oasis of Zen.

The interior of the bathroom by Gianna Camilotti

But. The floor, too, can make a stone. You can only put them some, for example under the bathroom and under the sink. For greater power, you can set a stone bath. The pebbles look wonderful in modern bathrooms, as it is perfect for a minimalist concept. For her it is best to choose a small bowl of simple shape with soft lines.

Beautiful stone looks at the walls. From it you can lay out a fantastic mosaic, create a beautiful accent wall. Look, it's statutory and courageous.