new life old wallpaper 5 creative ideas that are easy implement

10 Wallpaper Hacks That Will Bring Unexpected Color Into Your Home


What do you do with old wallpapers?

How do you update furniture and transform the space without having to buy and waste? What to do with wallpaper that remained from previous repair? You can combine pleasure with pleasure – to refresh the interior and make the space an original. After all, our time is changing and upgrading!

doors closet
The majority of wardrobes have a simple and concise design. The doors are usually in a color, and this can eventually get bored. In such a moment, the cabinet can be decorated with wallpaper. This will update the space if done in a calm and uniform color.

The bookshelf substrate
You just need to update the substrate bookshelves, and decorate it with wallpaper, immediately convert it into a completely different piece of furniture. And if amplifying this reception interior, there repeated patterns or color on the wallpaper, then it will effectively come into the interior refurbished rack.

wall ~~ POS = TRUNC decor ~~ POS = HEADCOMP
When it seems like pictures and posters as a part is too obvious, it makes sense to replace something more original and interesting. For example, insert a frame of the same size and color segments of different colors and combinations. The most important thing that the decor echoes color or pattern with the surrounding interior.

faced chest
When there is a need for a new agency, please consider reviewing all options to update an old furniture. It can be painted in different colors and stylishly complement facade strips of wallpaper. To do this, you must treat the surface of the breast: grind it, apply primer to fix the wallpaper using an acrylic lime and then cover the top lacquer so that the wallpaper is not peeled.

accent the wall
But this is not all that can be done with old wallpapers! We have done a major review and collected 13 ideas, as well as examples of how the use of wallpaper in the interior.