original pendant in hallway with their hands

auc-askm: Original stained glass pendants Falcon Hayabusa one
Original stained glass pendants Falcon Hayabusa one lamp lighting yellow yellow antique lighting handmade hand made


The original clothes hanger in the hall can be bought at the furniture shop, but much more interesting and more practical to do it by hand.

Make a sketch of our original hangers in the corridor on a sheet of particleboard, with a ruler and pen.

Hangers can be made in the shape of a tree, whose branches will see large clothes, hats and umbrellas. In furniture stores large selection of hangers, of course, you can pick up racks and in shape and color meets all your needs your interior. But you have to admit that none of the furniture company does not invest as much as you do in the manufacture of hangers in the hall with your hands.

Careful jigsaw cut out the contour of a pencil tree our future.

After the founding of the original galgar ihall sawed, carefully handle uneven edges with sandpaper. Then go through the base layer, we wait for the dry, and cover a layer of paint. We are waiting for drying the first layer and putting other layers of paint.

The next step is to mark the hangar bracket. For this we have put our ticket to the desired position on the wall and drill through our trees.

Now, through the resulting hole and insert a lock pin fastened the rack into the wall.

On our special anchor wear hooks and twist them. Now our hanger in the hall with the hands on the wall looks good and appealing to the eye and its design.