we store things wisely wall mounted organizers

Amazon.com: BHG Wall Mount Media Storage Rack Cd

In a neat, well-planned and well-behaved environment, it is much more convenient to live, work and play so it’s so important to keep things in order and give each of them strictly designated areas. How to organize a large number of different, relevant in daily life and tasks of topics so that a free asset is given to each of ...

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non standard accentuating techniques in design

Business Card Design Tips: Top Ideas for Designers

Today, it becomes an interesting and, in the first instance complex matter – unusual accents in the interior. Why difficult? Firstly, we will focus on a rather bold decision and not everyone is ready for such action. Secondly, the original and unusual accents can easily destroy the appearance of the premises. In this article, we show you how and where ...

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basics of design the rule of three in decor

The Rule of Three: How This Trick Can

The grounds for harmoniously furnished space found some rules to follow designers and decorators to the interior looked balanced and aesthetically. We will reveal to you the secret of a successful decoration of all surfaces in the room, whether it's shelf rack, table console, chest of drawers or coffee table. There are some rules that are the subject of almost ...

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arches in the interior of a house or apartment

Youngor archways More: | Doors in 2018 |

The vault in the interior has the ability to transform the space, creating an aura of the hill. Due to the rounded shape of the top, the arch – as part of the architecture – makes the room visually softer, more elegant and robust. But first, it is necessary to understand what they are bows, and what their types are ...

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how to choose a wall paint color

Choosing Paint Color for an Open Floor Plan

To the interior of the rooms, harmoniously, you need a good relationship between sizes, textures, shapes and colors of objects and surfaces. And if you want instead of the usual wallpaper, the walls covered with color, and then choosing the right color and saturation must give enough attention to the outcome of the party for a long time. Before starting ...

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how to choose the cornice

Cornice, of course, should fit the stileness inner shape of the window and curtains type, but first of all – a functional accessory. That is, its main purpose – to support curtains and provide all kinds of manipulation. Roof lists and systems Steel profile moldings, fitted plastic parts, it is possible to bend under all radii – they are light, ...

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how to visually increase ceilings

The problem with low ceilings, unfortunately, now it's almost in front of everyone. Standard now the 2.7 meter indicator is suitable for a comfortable existence, but we always want even more space and air. And if this can not be achieved in reality, we can at least visually achieve the desired effect. Here are some techniques to help you here. ...

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how to arrange an empty corner in a room

How to Decorate a Corner - Odd Corner

Sometimes in the room, equipped with competent flavors, a sense of vague, especially as certain areas are scaffolded. Most often, the angles, the area that is rightly ignored during the design of the room. Today, we decided to look into possible solutions to organize the empty corners in different rooms, to help you create not only beautiful but also quite ...

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design of a two room apartment important advice

The Most Common Design Advice I Read (and

Equipping a new home is always lighter and very pleasant. When one-on-one with the room, which is to be transformed into a cozy living, you can inadvertently get lost. For those interested in stages of planning and design of repair options, but also want to find out in advance the most critical issues that must be solved in the process ...

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how to make a room without windows tips

Work on the project home becomes very interesting if its content is full of interesting but difficult task. Designer, for example, spurts more enthusiastic to show their skills in practice simply still generate ideas interior. In addition, unusual solutions and planning specialists help to develop intuition and flapping skills, but not so on the development of model apartments and houses. ...

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