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I like this installed pattern where the grain runs crosswise. I saw a lot of new colors in this tile style come through our showroom lately.


Pastel colors the most delicate and soft, they will help to create an atmosphere of ease, of weightlessness and comfort in the interior. Design in pastel colors will look sophisticated and springy light.

palette pastel consists of diluted white tones: pale shades of yellow, blue and purple, and mint and other similar color scales.

Pastel colors can be present in the inner background, furniture or accessories. The colors of the assortment are perfect in combination with each other, which makes their use in different stylistic design directions. To choose a combination of colors is based on the type of atmosphere you want to create in the house and what style you want to arrange the room.

The tone for design in pastel colors is chosen depending on the bright side.

Choosing the stylistic direction for design in pastel colors depends on the type of atmosphere you want to create in the house and what style in the design prefer.

Scandinavian style is characterized by a large number of air and light. The main use is often completely white color, which makes all pastel colors completely suitable in the interior. Good contrast with the wooden elements will be the combination of white, gray and blue. Bright colors make the interior fresh, airy and visually expand the space.

Wood in its different varieties of wood perfectly harmony with the palette. Shading trees are chosen according to the basic color of the decor. So much for the cool colors the tree will be the most suitable color of lavender.

Provence in the design embodies comfort, tenderness and freshness. Accordingly, most suitable for this style shades are soft lavender, azure, blue, yellow, olive and always white. Floral patterns are often used in style with Provence for both furniture padding and decorative elements in the selection.

The main colors of interior style Shabby-chic – white, pastel pink, blue. It is especially important that in such colors have been stable and furniture, textiles and accessories.

The traditional combination of black and white, typical of minimalism, can successfully replace the bright and airy pastel colors. They have the same ability to give the room a visual "expansion" and the feeling of weightlessness. In this case, the inner pastel can be used as the base colors, and in the choice of accessories. There are no restrictions when selecting shades.

Ideally, in the interior of this style, a lot of space and light are necessary. The decor used rough texture: brick, untreated wood, concrete. An excellent option would be a white brick wall, combined with furniture or accessories in pastel colors.