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The ideal kitchen for those who do not like to cook
Most kitchens are designed with interiors. Considering that the hostess they spend a lot of time preparing something good for at least breakfast and dinner. But there are others. There are those who do not like to cook. They do not need a large fridge, stove and double ovens and an island boundless. We offer a look at the perfect kitchen for those who use the oven only as storage pots, accidentally caught in the house.

For those who prepare very rare, it is. You need at least some basic elements without which it can not do, even to them. This sink, washing machine, stove. But more reveals a great space for imagination and creativity.

If the kitchen is not a large set and glassy cooking utensils, it is quite possible to take the empty space under which is exactly useful. And why not equip the wine cellar. It can be just a wine cellar with temperature control for bottles to be stored longer, or an open shelf for wine, which will soon be in the company of friends.

wine cellar


Although tomorrow I do not have time or lust for something, so at least one cup of coffee will definitely be helpful. You need a good coffee machine that brews a wonderful espresso, latte or cappuccino. Do not be afraid of the prices of mountain pots, pans, knives and other kitchen things take much more significant amount.

If no book is impossible to live one day, the kitchen can easily be converted into a library. Fill the empty shelves with favorite pieces and read them in the evenings over a cup of tea.

Even for them. As cooks rarely need any basic items in the kitchen. What happens in a day is a desire to do something more serious than eggs or toast. And besides, the most basic dishes are all, without exception.


Fridge, stove, sink, oven, dishwasher, toaster and microwave – it is the basis of most dishes. No need to choose a model with a lot of unnecessary features for you, you need the most simple. You can watch the options that combine the stove and compact oven or microwave (microwave, oven and grill). Fridge also needs a small number of shelves and drawers in the freezer.

Because thinking about how to put stewardy equipment in the kitchen is not necessary, it is possible to take the vacant seat seating. Cute couch at hand. Although the hostess did not spend a day behind the plate, she was happy to just sit on it in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee or a simple meal in the evening. For those who love the oven, you need a completely different food, full of necessary equipment and thoughtful design.