Renovate with led bathroom lighting

Divine Renovations Bathroom Lighting #Lighting #Niches #Shelves #LED
Divine Renovations Bathroom Lighting #Lighting #Niches #Shelves #LED #Colour #Vibrant #Unusal


Are you renovating your house? Well that’s great. Many times while brainstorming about new innovative ideas it is highly possible that one runs out of them and is just stuck. This could especially happen if you are not a professional designer. While renovating house there are so many areas to be thought about and everything has to be matching and coordinating with 15 other things. Bathrooms are major part of the house renovation. A beautiful and clean bathroom just gives a welcoming feeling to the visitor. Many women are obsessed with having a beautiful bathroom in the house. Any out of the box ideas for bathrooms? Well one idea is LED Bathroom Lighting

Why LED Bathroom Lighting?

  1. LEDs are more energy efficient
  2. LEDs come in wide range of colors
  3. LEDs do not release heat as the conventional lights
  4. LEDs are cost efficient too
  5. They have longer life than the conventional
  6. They come in various sizes, giving designers scope to fit them in any design
  7. They are bright enough to lit up a room
  8. They are easy to maintain

Where to use LED Bathroom Lighting?

Bathroom itself has so many sections that a lot of designer thought has to put up before arranging the LED lights. Always make sure that the colors of the light you choose match with your bathroom. Also make sure LEDs are not directly seen. They should be covered or place behind something that way they are more beautiful. Following are few areas where you put LEDs

  1. Around the mirror above the sink
  2. Around the corners of the bath tub
  3. Around the corners of the ceiling
  4. In place of your conventional lights
  5. Behind the vase if you have placed any
  6. Create a false ceiling and put lights in them.

Where will you find LED Bathroom Lighting?

If you have already hired a designer for your house, just pass your desire of having LED Bathroom Lighting and he will take care of the rest. If not there are many lighting shops in the city who provide with this type of lights and conventional. If you visit any of these shops, they will provide you with number of options to choose from and then you can decide from them. These lights are also available online.

Hope LEDs lit up your bathroom real soon!