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The use of Roman blinds in the interior makes a window in a modern way that eliminates time-consuming maintenance of traditional drapes and curtains. Appropriate this way of decorating for almost any style – from classic to the most modern hi-tech and minimalist, and looks particularly good in styles in the East.

"Roman" blind – it's elegance and practical, easy-care and modern look. In addition, the curtains can be applied to all images, including demand, which makes it possible to turn them into real artwork. Since the introduction of the early 20th century curtains, called "Roman", became immediately popular, and over the years have not lost their relevance.

Elevator curtains attached to the window with the help of a special mechanism, called the Roman roof list. Such grains can be different in design and have characteristic properties, which are divided into groups. Alternative Blinds see below.

Methods for mounting the roofing list

A classification is based on Roman blinds roofing fastening method.

Another classification of Roman blinds is based on differences in the mechanism of action, which makes it lower and raise the blade. Consequently, the lists are divided into:

Normally, like the curtains are attached with cord lifting.

Roman blinds have many advantages comparatively conventional, but only if you chose wise mechanism according to their needs. For correct selection it is necessary to imagine how this mechanism works and what parts it consists of.

At the window blinds the windows need to be sure how it will be convenient to use it. And to evaluate convenience with appropriate classification based on the specific details of the lifting mechanism of the device. In accordance with its roof lists are divided into the following groups:

Different versions of Roman blinds can be equipped with the following systems:

All roof racks, regardless of the type of lifting mechanism, include:

At the Gardiner window Roman main task- The right choice of roofing table, and it needs to be chosen, depending on the type of fabric to be used. The strength of the roof foot must be such as to withstand the weight of the lifting mechanism and the track and some also have a strength reserve. To increase the strength of the roof foot can use an extra fastening point installed in the center of its length. It will evenly distribute the load and reduce the slack.

Let's consider the main differences from the usual Roman blinds curtains to understand why they became so popular.