rose quartz and smoky blue color in interior

Soft blue gray | home decor in 2019
Soft blue gray


This day, specialists Panton announced only two colors in 2016. This happened for the first time, and this event has already become sensational. So the sane surprise news began to color the Rose Quartz (Rose Quartz) Blue and Smoky (Serenity). The Institute recommends combining Pantone colors Pink Quartz with pastel colors of peach, purple and purple. Due to its spring-summer 2016 fashion palette, well-mixed shades of Peach Echo, Serenity, also known as the color of the year and purple Gray.
His choice of management of the institute is explained by the fact that society is in need of harmony and tranquility. In addition, they act as symbols of gender equality in society. Experts recommend that women use mild gray-blue shades of clothing and men safely – pastel pink. The same claim can be attributed to the feminine and masculine interior.

Color Pink quartz in connection with tenderness, beauty, beautiful roses and marshmallow. In the interior, it looks quite nice and very refreshing space. Its advantage is that it can be used as in a small room, and the spacious room. Pink belongs to the group of warm colors, thus making the room softer, beautiful shades of pink visually expand the space and make it more airy.

Most concise, it looks more like, instead of the base color. For example, hang curtains in the living room in pleasant shade, paint the kitchen some facades painted in the same color, put in a bedroom chair with pink upholstery.
Nyan's pink quartz nice contact with gray, black, white, blue and nice combination with light wood and gold.

As you already know, the color of 2015 has been recognized as a precious Marsala. It is still popular and is relevant for at least another couple of seasons.