shower under the starry sky 20 luxury bathrooms with skylight windows

Mirror sconces, recessed lighting, and a skylight work together to highlight this lovely bathroom


Shower under the stars – 20 luxury bathrooms with skylights
Nothing decorates a room, how thoughtful lighting. It can completely change the atmosphere. And most of the time it is a properly chosen combination of natural and artificial light. Over the past few years, skylights have gone out of the attic to the living room and bedroom, and now come and bathroom.

The interior of the bathroom from the Urban Arena

Bathroom with skylight

Modern Bathroom with Harte Brownlee & Associates Interior

window size has no value

The bathrooms in the attic

Light illumination can transform a gloomy house of joy and happy living, full of life. An interesting combination of directed and muted light can change the atmosphere in all rooms, but the sunlight comes from the ceiling, is an ideal solution.

Ceiling windows are often considered as practical additions, but they can be more and amazing decor, attracting everyone's attention. They can emphasize the architectural beauty of the room, set in her spa atmosphere. Besides incredibly nice to take a bath, watch the stars in the night sky, or a fantastic sunset. In fact, produced a bigger effect is not so much the size of the ceiling windows, as its location. So do not think the big window would be the best option.

Harmony Design ceiling and a bathroom

The elegant bathroom with skylight

The more sunlight, the better

Mix textures in the modern bathroom from Tyrrell and Laing International

Bathroom in various shades of gray

Small bathroom with skylight

Bath in Asian style

Most newspapers and brochures with showcases large spacious bathrooms. In fact, this option is more suitable for small dark rooms in which other windows simply do not exist. If you can not install a skylight in full sense, consider the light tunnel. Letting sunlight in a small room make it visually more spacious and comfortable. No candles and chandeliers this is not right.

Bath in a minimalist style by Ibarra Rosano Architects

The elegant bathroom with ceilings okanmi