skysphere high tech bachelor man cave which everything controlled by smartphone

Jono Williams

Man builds solar-powered, app-controlled micro-home with



«Skysphere» – bachelor housing.
The guy from New Zealand to fulfill the dream of many Men and built the current candidate housing for themselves. It's in this high-tech "it" you can drink a lot of beer with friends, listen to your favorite music and hide from curious eyes.

High-tech housing is being built by Jono Williams.
One day after meeting with friends and engineering company owners Jono Williams had an idea: building a tree house. But after a thought, the guy still has built a house on top. But not a tree, and about "Skysphere" support steel. The result was a tower with a room size of 25 square meters and a 360 degree.

«Skysphere» – a tower of 25 square meters. meter.

Housing, where everyone is checked using a smartphone.
Lodge, located at a height of 10 meters, literally "filled" with modern technology: almost all on-off electrical appliances are performed using voice commands or smartphones. For example, the values ​​can change the LED backlight from blue to pink, or adjust the temperature in the refrigerator if the beer suddenly gets hot. Visitors who once visited "Skysphere" and where they left their fingerprints next time meet voice greetings. The cost of such a "it" is not much, not enough was $ 50,000.

The process for the construction of «Skysphere».

«Skysphere» – bachelor housing.
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