Small bathroom vanities: ad beauty to your bath

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Vanities put amazingly positive impression on the users of modern bath rooms. The bath rooms can be decorated by number of ways and within little budget when you decorate them with your sense of creativity. The vanities are also important decorative part of the modern bath rooms. However, when we talk about small bath rooms, vanities may be too much space occupying ingredient. This issue can be solved when choosing smart design for the vanity.

Fix at Distance from Main Entrance Door:

It should be very simple and with only single below drawer or without any drawer merely having four legs. The vanities can be painted in number of designs and textures in traditional styles. Simple and less spacey vanities will increase beauty of your small bath rooms but it is recommended to install them at some distance from the main entrance door of your bath room so that you find enough space to open door and enter your bath room. The other two corners of bath room contain a bath shower point and commode facility.

Color Matching with Other Ingredients:

The vanity may contain enough space at four corners of its top so that you are able to keep few accessories there while having face wash or hand wash like soap, shaving creams and other cosmetic items. The wash basin bidet and other fixtures should be contrasting to the color of vanity so that there is attractive mix. Your friends and family going to praise your choice and your wish for having modern bath room is also fulfilled in very simple way. Keep your vanity clean on daily basis so that its original beauty is not damaged.

Indoor Plants and Doors:
You can make your vanities more attractive by placing little sized indoor plants in small jars. Put these plant jars on the top or below section of the vanities. They are going to add value to your entire bath room. It is good to promote love for greenery and nature. If, you find that there is enough space still available, you can add double or single door before vanity and store important ingredients in it like the acid, powder, etc. Make it lock able as well so that children stay away from the range of such items.