small bathroom with shower area 3 sq m



To equip a bathtub tub in a small bathroom, it was necessary to show remarkable ingenuity, and with the full capacity to include imagination.

And it's not just a small room to fit all the necessary plumbing, and also a washing machine – it was assumed that there must also be stored reserves of detergents and other household items, as another place for them in a small apartment there.

One of the walls in the bathroom 3 sqm. meters apart, and builds on this site a new one. The reasons for this are two – the wall was not straight, it is often the case in the old "Khrushchev" home, and also worth the dream of a bathroom with a window. It is their wish to have realized "two hundred percent" – now nobody in the bathroom and two windows, so the entrance had daylight.

Completely changed the inside of the bathroom 3 sqm. m -. the door is moved to the center of the wall, and on both sides if there is a small but quite sturdy storage system.

This arrangement has allowed space installation of the washing machine, which is without hassle fit into the left door pier. However, it was necessary to choose the narrowest model commercially available.

Standard solutions have no place in such conditions, and designers broke two basic "bids": abandoned white as recommended for small spaces, and on the tray as the most suitable material for finishing wet rooms.

Refusal to allow the plate to save some ten square centimeters, which is applied to the glue and has a significant thickness, and in the bathroom 3 sqm. meters each centimeter count.

The result was a small room, illuminated by the rear-view mirror with natural light. In addition, a combination of blue with white furniture and fixtures is a classic and never bored.

In the inner bathroom 3 sqm. m. without ceramics still failed, but it is small: selected gray floor tiles in the shower a bed on the floor mosaic. The walls in wet area with tiled in two shapes: one was pure white, while the other used plates coated with a complex pattern.

The gray floor serves as a calm background for the blue-white contrast and pushing a wall inside the shower enclosure into a small bathroom did not seem to be tasteless through the use of gray-brown coloring.

It turned out that the matte surface of the deep blue colors gives deep and a certain mystery space, while pure white creates the impression of "sealed" capsule.

Just like in the kitchen under the sink, household chemicals parked with rails are made in the environmental cabinet Additional shelf.

In cabinets, toothpaste sprays and creams are suitable, like toothbrushes and other small things. For towels for the rib to the right of the washing machine.

Interior bathroom 3 sqm. m. looks harmonious and balanced, there is no sense of "messy space, but is used almost the entire surface of the walls.