some helpful tips decorating small bathroom

Small bathroom ideas can sometimes be challenging. Here
Small bathroom ideas can sometimes be challenging. Here are some helpful tips on decor and organization to make the most of u2026 | Bathroom Ideas And Tips


Making a small bathroom can turn out to be a big problem. And, unfortunately, it is almost every owner of a model apartment. It's a real puzzle: how to arrange all the necessary plumbing and organize competent storage systems in the room, which is slightly larger than a box from the refrigerator. We have learned from experienced designers some advice on this issue and are happy to share business secrets with you!

Most of the tips are usually reduced to the fact that only a small room should be submitted in a variety of light and discreet colors. As a result, owners of small bathrooms calmly buy the same white or light beige tiles for tiles and tiles. But the effect of congestion remains. But it feels like you're in the pit. Use bright accents, a variety of textures (if all the tiles in one color, as they should at least size are different in different zones), consider this decision as accentuating the wall. If the white color will remain the basis for color-grained processing, such experiments are of relatively harmless.

Bathroom sink without unthinkable. And even in the smallest bathroom you can find a place for him, if not giving preference to standard models, tulips and more compact version. Very often in such a situation is set angle wash basin. But if it's inconvenient, considering the situation in the rest of the room, we recommend that you look at the small rectangular basins, like the one in the picture. And you can arrange a small bedside table or niche underside.

If shelves and cabinets for storage cans and bottles of shampoo, conditioner and other body care products are simply nowhere to hang or they will bother, it might be a good option would be small niches in the walls.

The owners of small bathrooms must learn to think more generally and to be able to use literally every centimeter of space wisely. For example, because not many smart enough to make a shelf near the ceiling, and in fact the thought is good! especially about the item to be stored in boxes or braided boxes – comfortable and beautiful.

Even the washing machine, which seems to occupy a lot of space, can "pinch" within the space of a small bathroom, placed underneath or above the cabinet.