spirella curtain for bathroom

Spirella Plastic Transparent Shower Curtain, 180 x 200
Spirella Plastic Transparent Shower Curtain, 180 x 200 cm


Curtains for the bathroom in the room look a lot of Spiral Vacations, and can literally change your bathroom. Different colors, shades, patterns customized to any design, except all these products are of the highest quality. Dimensions of curtains allow you to easily choose the ones you need, whether it's a big room or a small one.

Textiles like curtains -The material is environmentally friendly and for sure. Problems to hang the curtain Spirella the bathroom, do not be – complete rings are available, and not the usual, and design. They are attached to the post. Different themes, a variety of colors, you can choose the shade that is suitable for all design bathrooms. These curtains easy to wash, iron, taking care of them is not a problem.

In the production of polyvinyl chloride is not used, andOther is perfectly protected from splashes of water, prevent the penetration of water on the floor. They are suitable for both bath and shower with pallet 180 to 200 cm.
Quality and beautiful curtains for the bathroom Spirella provide strict elegance in the room.

If you choose to update your bathroom, make it original, not like the others, it makes sense to choose suitable for your collection of Spirella bathroom drapes. You can be sure that your choice will pay off. What would be your bathroom – just depends on your wish.

Turn it into a birch garden or endless flower field, "solve" in her strange birds, or favorite animals you help the blind Spirella bathroom. You can not worry about the security of appearance – it's a long time will remain the same as the first day after purchase: the latest technology used in making innovative, will not allow the colors to fade.