the bio fireplace in interior benefits device

Built-in bio-fireplace: 5 reasons for choosing a device
There is a wide variety of models of built in bio fireplaces suitable for


Bio-stove in the interior of each apartment will not take much space, does not require a chimney device and the delivery of wood, and at the same time can make it warm and cozy atmosphere. An increasing number of bio fireplaces are used in private homes, because it does not require expensive training to install and low maintenance costs. Biofireplaces are available in different types, and you must decide exactly what is right for you.

All Bio Fireplace – a device consisting of individual items:

One of the most important benefits is the biofire placement needs a chimney, so it can be placed anywhere in the room. The name of this fireplace was on what kind of fuel: it uses fuels of biological origin, most often – bioethanol. One more correct to call biofireplaces 'non-smoking' fireplaces. Do not confuse them with electricity: give the last heat, but this live fire on them.

In the bio stove fire present and from the usual "real" fireplaces is the fact that the fuel burns in them without smoke and poisonous gases – combustion products of bioethanol are water and carbon dioxide that does not harm the environment and humans. Additionally, it is not easy for maintenance Biofireplaces after burning biofuel ash.

The tooth of the fuel in the burner with the use of detonators increased length or fireplace matches. The burner is inserted into a special outlet in the housing and can be either detachable or non-removable. For all materials used in the production of bio fireplaces, strict fire protection requirements apply: they should not be ignited upon heating.

The bio fireplace in the interior performs several functions:

With heating function Braskaminer can perfectly handle the room size of 50 square meters. m. It can raise the temperature ten degrees. Biofireplaces design makes it a real highlight of the interior virtually any style that is often used by designers. In addition, it can be used to saturate the steam room of aromatic oils which are not only pleasant but also useful.

The fuel used in Braskaminer is considered Environment – which can be renewed. When combustion produces carbon dioxide, and the amount absorbed by plants for the production of biomass, from which the fuel is obtained. An average of two to four hours of burning stove requires a liter of biofuel.

What unit biofireplaces, it has indisputable advantages over conventional fireplaces:

Bursting in the bio fireplaces bit, but they are still there:

Bio fireplace in the interior looked well, you have to choose the right type of its construction. They differ in place of their location:

Typically, fireplaces have metal casing, topcoated polymer composition. Outdoor versions legs for support – with their help you can adjust the height of the fireplace. There are also bio fireplaces equipped with wheels – they can be easily moved from place to place.

These bio fireplaces, which are intended for mountingWall have the brackets. They are generally limited in size and can not be more than one meter. The reason for the division into species may be not only the device of biofireplaces, but also its shape, which can be either rectangular or round, and even bent.

Making their appearance can be varied, which makes it possible to enter the Bio fireplace in the interior of virtually all styles and trends. But the biofireplaces floor largely emits heat to heat a small room, although the other heaters are not, so the mobile versions of such devices mounted on wheels, which are often used in summer homes. Mini-fireplaces in the form of light are intended for interior decoration.