the brick wall in interior your home

modern interior. The brick wall paneling give your home


Tile in the interior – a trend antagonism, which now often uses modern designers. This construction is very rare and bold, he can become an expressive home decor, giving a special atmosphere.

Undoubtedly bricks are very practical, quality and durable materials, among many others. Practical bricks are usually chosen amateurs respectable and trustworthy property, but you can use it to achieve other effects, for example, giving the interior a touch of romance. And if you choose the right texture and shades, the design can turn even eccentric. In addition, using masonry can be emphasized by the solidity situation, luxury self-control or accountability, if you want. Of course, an important point to the desired mood and atmosphere will be how to decorate the seams and the choice of colors. You can artificially aged bricks so that it looks more natural, can be covered with paint, color paint – design options brick set, the choice will depend on your wishes and the general interior of your home.

Because brick – a building material redder the last heat treatment, such a coupling, even after many years looks nice and all, without traces of mold and mildew. A very interesting fact is that at the moment the blocks are made with a polymer coating, this will give you more options for decorating.

The simplest and most creative way decor Interior brick – is the use of a conventional wall, that is, leave it in its original brick shape but to cover the protective agent is necessary, so that bricks are not destroyed by the negative factors. The building only needs to clean the surface of the ground contamination that may occur during construction or repair. And in the old premises in the wall should be treated carefully, with the need to remove layers of primer, plaster and clean cloth. But this decoration living room elegantly emphasize the atmosphere of the room, passing its residents and guests into the mysterious and happy mood.

If you have a large living room, then the top will decorate brick columns in Greek style, they can play the role of partitions or just become exciting decor.
You can also decorate brick fireplace, it will give the living room a cozy and warm atmosphere.