the design terrace a private house

Private House by Bumper Investments


Attaching a balcony to the house is not difficult, much harder to turn it into an elegant yet functional space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

Designers have suggested using natural materials, and come with a lot of expressed detail, turned the utilitarian structure of a garden decoration.

All construction begins with the groundwork. In this case, twenty-mill piles. terraces frame – metal. He is tied with channel bar and painted dark brown. The result was the foundation of the patio patio.

Design terraces in a private home are not limited to the private terrace: the space around it also works on the general idea. On the ground around the perimeter of the patio poured the layer of cedar wood shells.

First, compost material, secondly, he fills the smell of fresh cedar terrace, well and in the third – but not the last – on the hill is very good to go barefoot, it is good for health.

Sliding doors are made of plexiglass, in bad weather, they protect against wind and rain, and do not interfere with admiring nature.

Outside this wall was decorated with wood paneling, composed of Spili.

The interior of the house closed terraced natural materials. The bottom line of kitchen cabinet puts flexible stone and wood top issued Play – exactly the same, which is decorated with the opposite wall.

The layout of the patio organically woven simple natural materials and the latest technological innovations. Zinc is carved from a piece of granite and installed a modern faucet.

In a special niche on the street – a gas grill, combine well and the stove, and oven. You can not only cook barbecue, but cooked soup, fried potatoes, baked fish or pies – it is enough to close the lid on the grill.

In addition, for those who like smoked meat gives the opportunity to add smoked dishes using a charcoal drain.