the design walls in apartment how to finish

The white brick wall and cement-finish homogenous tiles
The white brick wall and cement finish homogenous tiles work a subdued industrial vibe into the common areas.


To make the walls of the apartment, there are many options, most often discussed below:

Painting is beneficial for any changes, you can change color on all or part of the walls at no additional cost.

It seems easier to paint the walls in everything, and the way to finish the walls, does not carry anything interesting. But firstly, the color is flat, and looked beautiful, necessary to prepare the wall with perfect alignment, and secondly – to find the correct tone and perform color in the appropriate technique. If these two conditions are met, the decoration of the walls of the apartment will be unique.

A large canvas that shows abstract light background is not only a beautiful object of decoration, but also allows visually expanding the space. This wall decor in a room does not necessarily buy in the store, create it yourself, with your family on a large tablecloth.

The interior of the walls of the room with the help of niches, excellentAlternative, for everyone involved in gathering, she loves to travel, or do something with her hands. Nishi not only comes interesting and beautiful place items and decorate a wall. Internal lighting and contrasting background in fine focus attention.

If you do not want to use intensive and labor intensive construction, choose simple but very relevant ways to wall decoration. You can paint the walls, on your own or on a cliché, you can buy beautiful stickers and create a thematic image.

There is no room for a physical fact – the ergonomic shape, so it's very easy to do a visual "revolution", adding more geometric lines. The wide longitudinal stripes – "extended" space in the right direction, wide circle, placed in the ceiling, visually increase the height. This method of wall decoration is to choose, on the monochrome background.

Alternatives, which are not always acceptable and not all-like, just because of the unusual. Not everyone is ready to add your apartment or street views of the natural landscape, too big a picture is something alarming, but it is necessary to look at the existing business to be sure – appropriate selected backgrounds can do wonders in the interior.