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The unusual black and white apartment

Black and white combination is always in the interior. It looks unusual and interesting, but not everyone dares to give their apartment in contrasting colors. Today, we look at a real example of how to use bold color scheme in the interior, and a black and white can make a small space, to expand it and smooth out irregularities.
Nice black apartment located in Poland. Its area is 46 square meters. Over his design studio, KASIA ORWAT worked home design. It made full use of a combination of two contrasting colors. Because of this, it has been shown to visually change the space. What are the techniques used by designers and if you can use them on ordinary Khrushchev?

The black color is able to smooth out the disadvantages of space
The black color in the interior and elegant substance. He can give depth to the space, to conceal his shortcomings. For example, in the interior of it was used within bulky wardrobe, which hidden its true dimensions.

Black and white interior
Before you can use the contrast color scheme, you need to decide on the type of interior. The most suitable combination of black and white is considered spaces decorated in a modern Scandinavian style, as it is often used in the direction of Art Deco. As for this the Polish apartment, its in a modern style.

The black color in the interior
White, as you know, the interior makes light and airy, but if you exaggerate it, the room is uncomfortable and cold. That's why white is used in combination with any other color.

Thanks to the black color can hide the real wardrobe

Fancy wallpaper in the kitchen
Also, the inner metal and scouring elements, like in a small apartment, but they seem like breakages. This windowsill, table top at the table, a metal lamp in the living room.

Black and white interior looks very dynamic. It is suitable for people who are in constant motion and lead an active lifestyle. In such a space, it is not only important to find a balance between black and white, but also to find the right furniture.

Black and white color schemes love unconventional geometric solutions. For example, in the interior we used a large amount of shapes, thereby compensating for monotonin in the color scale. Wrong ovals, rectangles strict, abstract circles – all these numbers work on it to derive attention from a small area.

This interior used different geometric shapes

The black and white interior is necessary to provide different lighting scenarios
As you can see, black and white palettes can be used even in a small Khrushchev. If this option seems to be too fat, we can learn from our review of how to use the basic colors of the interior, and what color to choose for designing a room.