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Asphalt Roof Shingles Installation


soft ceilings technology requires non-use of special intrumentov so accessible and easy to perform. Installation Shinglas plates are produced on a single wood panel from the treated plywood or wood planks. The foundation rests on the roof tops, to "pillow" of three parts: insulation, waterproof and against condensation film.

For dense proleganiya and "setting" The adhesive layer of shingles installation is performed at the level of the thermometer above 5 degrees Celsius, or in the winter with a hair dryer building. In the case of "cold" factory roofing materials should contain modified bitumen.

For installation of tiles Shinglas base can be: OSB, waterproof plywood or spont is also used regularly shaped on board coated.

An important prerequisite – when wet base material is not allowed to exceed a "dry" weight by more than twenty percent.

Any method and material used for roofing is important to ensure adequate ventilation. Consider a system used in soft installation ceiling technology.

Properly organized airbag when installing shingles will ensure the conservation of warmth in the room in winter and protect against overheating in the summer, will also help reduce air humidity.

For the feed, use rolled roofing material. The coating is mounted on the entire surface, from the top edge of the ceiling.

Soft roof mounting technology involves careful preparation surfaces before placing a part of the main deck.

All used metal roof feet Drip – to remove moisture, which is attached with nails on top of the bearing pads with overlapping two centimeters, zigzag, rose one hundred millimeters.

Protect the edges of the front and back at the expense of the gable slats, the buckle system – zigzag, overlap two centimeters, rose one hundred millimeters.

Falling in the mucous membrane of the stack, "matte" in the color of the tile. The edges of the lid are fixed with roof peaks in steps of ten centimeters.

Water resistant fasten shingles shingles themselves are beyond doubt, but the entire structure at each stage of the preparation process takes extra dirt.

The next step is to install tile shingas – self-adhesive fixation along the roof foot of the roof top foot.

To the same color on the cover, the plates are laid directly from -Fem four packs at a time.

Should be done from the center of the roof foot towards the ceiling ends.

Roofing tiles divided by perforation in three parts, the final size should be 0.25 x 0.33 m.