the interior house laminated veneer lumber 200 sq m

Glued Laminated Timber (Gluelam), Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT
Glued Laminated Timber (Gluelam)


The design of wooden houses is made in European style with light oriental touches, concise and modern.

The color scale is easy to identify: dark floors, which are common in oriental style and bright colors on the walls. On the ground floor is dominated by natural colors – gray, beige, different shades of brown. This complete range of added warm colors like accent: orange, red, and bright multicolored stripes on the carpet.

The design of wooden houses from a bare-used exclusive furniture, carried out by the author's project. It is first and foremost the storage system in the bedroom and nursery, as well as furniture for the living room. The rest is in Italian furniture catalog, and only for the kitchen selected attitude of German production.

Furniture has a very simple shape with glossy fa├žades. In view of this person, minimalist decorative element ethnicity especially looks good: near bedside cabinet, a chair in the form of a cocoon, suspended at the bedside. These elements make up the contrast with a smooth lacquer and geometric shapes of furniture, and in harmony with the wood panel on the walls.

The interior of the laminated veneer house seems to be sufficiently suitable for storage. Summary – in the entrance, the size is not even a wardrobe, and a large room reserved for storing things not used in the current season.

Wooden surfaces with padded loungemed using textile that resembles sails. Behind these sails are hidden lighting devices that provide daylight. Trace paintings and lamps special – it can not ignite even after prolonged heating. All the furnishings in the house are modern, designed by famous companies.

To make oriental taste, put a lamp next to the bed in an ethnic style. A similar style, but other shapes, and candles are placed close to the sofa in the living room.