The interior of the childrens room how to organize the space

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Children are the most functional rooms, as it also serves as a bedroom, game room, gym, workplace.
A children's room is a very important place because even the smallest members of your family should have a personal space. There children have fun, learn the world, do personal things and, of course, rest.

Festive store: the children's bedroom

The child was comfortable, it is important to say proper space. In this article, designers from the architectural and design agency ALTERCASA will tell you how to organize space in the nursery.

When making a child, take into account several factors:

age and number of children
correct use of colors and shades;
presence of all types of drawers and shelves for storage;
 arrangement of furniture and accessories.


To make the room visually moreIt is recommended to use bright colors in the interior of the walls: beige, peach, salad, cream. Followers of the old traditions can paint the walls in a soft blue – for boys and light pink – for girls. And happy parents of two children can distinguish between space contrasting shades or different materials.

The color of the floor is better to choose near the color of the wall. However, we must remember – in the children's room the floors should be non-slip, warm and natural materials.


Lighting in the nursery plays an important role. This could be a point light, chandelier, all kinds of lamps and table lamps. In this case, in the choice of the main source of light – it is necessary to give preference to the laconic design without glass jewelry, pendants and other decorative items – ceilings.


When choosing furniture, you can stay at one of the suggested options.

Modular furniture is a good option for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on the interior of the nursery. Its main advantage is the ability to retrieve the necessary elements, regardless of how many shelves and drawers to be removed under items and toys.

Furniture transformer, as a rule, earns the seatowner for a long time: cot becomes a full bed for teenager or turns into a cupboard, which free up space for afternoon games, a small table is expanded and becomes a desk for homework. It is very convenient and saves space and money as well.

If two children live in the nursery, it integrates without the division of space with all sorts of bureaus, shelves and low partitions. This will ensure that each child's personal space and the nervous system of the parents who do not need to participate in the children's game for territory round.

To save space, you also help the traditional bed, beds, in which can be arranged not only one above the other but perpendicular. In addition, such furniture manufacturers make maximum functionality: drawers, stairs, desk under the top "floor" of the lower tier – pull-out shelf for bedding and other. These beds can combine bedrooms with a gym. Everything about children's furniture, please read in our article: Choosing the furniture for the nursery: the basic criteria

rest area

When it comes to the recreation area, the children's room is not. Do not have a desk and chair for drawing, sculpture. Think together with the child's design of his room, give him the opportunity to express himself and you will be the best parents on earth.

Good luck!