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House of 2 naval containers.
So far, architecture is highly appreciated individuality and creativity. People are happy to settle in their own house, and sometimes very strange house. This review presents six examples of amazing houses built not only on the ground.

The positive aspects of your stay-loving house, the architects are called loosens home to a place and the presence of the spirit of adventure. Maximum unit with nature occurs with the least safe interference in the ecosystem.

Hotel in a former aircraft.

Luxury hotel on the former airline board.
In the jungle of Costa Rica is a unique hotel, t. to. It is located in an old aircraft. To transport the body of the aircraft in the right place, the owner had to pay $ 4000 All other upgrades cost the $ 24,000.

Mark the house from Vetsch Architektur.

House Hober in Switzerland.
These clay houses are located in Switzerland, Hober resemble mink. Despite its apparent simplicity, this house is very energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Thanks fields, the interior of this home is kept comfortable climate: the summer is cool, and in the winter – heat.

Falling House – Fallingwater.

Falling was built in 1938.
Falling (Falling House) was Built in 1938 for the Kaufmann family famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. With the construction of mansion concrete slabs it was first used. Today, the house turned to a museum that attracts hundreds of tourists.

House of 2 naval containers.

House made of container with a pool inside.
Building houses of containers is very popular today. The container can be purchased for as little as $ 1000 depending on size and interior design, choosing each one by itself. This orange house is located in Costa Rica. It consists of a container 2. Inner construction area 92 square meters. In addition to living space inside the house, there was no more room for a pool.