the malogabaritki with female character 42 square meters interior cheerful

forme rotunjite înmoaie interior

Malogabaritki cu caracterul feminin: 42 de metri pătrați de interior



Malogabaritki 42 square meters

Sometimes in the pursuit of practicality in the innermost people forget nice things and nice decor. The apartment, which today came into our field of vision, is not big, but it is filled with comfort. The interior is very feminine and elegant.

Light interior details make interesting

Nice colors in a small apartment
Malogabaritki area is only 42 square meters, but it seems that it is more spacious and bigger than it actually is. One of her secrets – well matched colors. The most important colors are used white, but not a classic, but with a shade of ivory. Because of this, the interior showed warm and cozy. Against this background, perfectly shaped colored decoration, which became a kind of twist space.

Interior small apartments
Colorful details exude the interior. Shades of green, orange, magenta, turquoise-colors summer that define a good mood. In addition, they are contact points that distract from the small size of the apartment. The bedroom is accented the wall at the bedside table, in the living room a light mat and decorative pillows, and the role of kitchen decor is a mini garden.

The bright carpet in a small living room

Mini-garden in the kitchen

Small narrow entrance

Rounded shapes soften the interior

small bathroom

feminine interior

Storages are transformed into a changing room

workplace malogabaritki
Although the apartment and three rooms, all of them small, especially in the bedroom. It was possible to place a bed, a small chest and hanging cupboards, in which are embedded lamps.

bed closet
The kitchen has the same area as the bedroom. Therefore, for its best design, there has been a linear arrangement of the workspace and appliances. Thus half of the room was left free, that is an absolute plus for the hostess.

small kitchen

Interior from a small kitchen
By the way, if the kitchen is so small that there is no special storage, then to storage in such special attention. We have compiled the most interesting ideas that will help keep tools in order.