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Pop Art Style In Interior Design


The style of pop art in the interior appeared in the fifties of the twentieth century, moved into apartments and houses from the walls of art galleries.

The core of pop art – an unusual look at common things: the household, whether it be a bank or conserved card with the image of a film star turns into a high art.

To order in this style, you must follow certain rules.

Pop art in the interior is possible on neutral background light colors are best – white. Walls, ceilings and even the floor can be white, against this background, bright colors are accents placed in the chosen style. For example, on a light or a white wall – a picture, a furniture.

Paintings – an important feature of the home, if you want to beat the pop art in the interior of his apartment. The action can be any, the most important character of the associated style – light, almost "neon" color.

To create a pop art style in the interior sufficient accent wall, which can be arranged independently of each other. A suitable pattern can be copied and paint the appropriate colors, or printed on the wallpaper.

The easiest way to implement a pop art in the interior – curtains, covers or cushions with light prints or "neon" colors.

Furniture bearing signs of this style are light and have unusual, expressive shapes. The easiest way to find designing chairs or coffee tables, which are the most bizarre shapes and bright "sour" colors.