the selection bathroom sinks mounting methods materials forms

Scarabeo 5001-One Hole Teorema Rectangular Ceramic Wall Mounted
Scarabeo 5001 One Hole Teorema Rectangular Ceramic Wall Mounted/Vessel Sink, White


To choose a sink for the bathroom, you must familiarize yourself with its classification. There is a sink on the road installation, shape, material, dimensions and other parameters.

There are four main options:

It is the most common type. To attach the wall bracket, which is solid sink. The boxes can be installed under a bowl. The skull can also be attached via brackets.



Introduction of a number of advantages over other mounting options ho:

Pedestal ("Tulip")

Installation is made on "foot" that conceals eyeliner. Sheer "legs" can be half-open – on the side facing the wall, in which case it's a siphon cover.

Recently popular bowl shell, which may have a shape other than a sphere of a cube. They are mounted on a worktop.

The choice of material for bathroom sink is very wide. It's not just the usual porcelain and leatherware, but also rare, original options like wood or glass. Of course, the quality of materials directly affects the performance of the shell, so consider them in detail.

Ceramics, porcelain, ceramics

The most common materials for the production of peeling. They are cheap, long life, easy to care, environmentally friendly. Fairly a significant disadvantage of clay porosity, so the production of the shell they are glazed so that the pores do not get clogged with dirt, which is almost impossible to wash away. This shortcoming is deprived of porcelain, but they have a higher price. And porcelain and fajans, and ceramic sinks are heavy and thus quite fragile, which requires enhanced fastening and careful handling.

In grades of artificial zinc stone, analogs of natural materials surpass. Natural stone is quite brittle and very difficult that the same products made by it have to do manually, which makes them expensive.

artificial stone

The advantages of artificial stone sinks:


Of all kinds of sinks for bathrooms, this – the most expensive and even cause some concern. Glass – fragile material, which breaks, forms sharp shards, so at first glance seems quite unsuitable for use in the bathroom.

But in fact, for the manufacture of glass shells, specially hardened glass is used thicker (at least 15 mm). Further in the production of such glass additive was added thereto, which increases the mechanical strength. This sink is not afraid of accidental bumps and can work for many years. Models of glass, usually mounted on the worktop, and not attached to the wall.

The main benefits of glass shells:

It has glass and drawbacks. Glass – Material quality, will always sink to wash and clean. In addition, cleaners must choose very carefully: the presence in them of slip can damage the outer shell appearance.