the technology dry screed floor

The device is a semi-dry floor screed |
With regards to equipment for semi dry screed, the screed on an industrial scale is carried out exclusively by means of mortar and Pneumosuperchargers


Dry extractor technology focuses golvoch does not get worse than the traditional variant with the aid of joint compound. The result is the same smooth and ready for installation of coatings: on board, parquet flooring, laminate flooring, floor tiles, rugs or linoleum.

After elementary calculations, we can see that the device dry installer other cheaper options.

1. On the cleaned surface of the floor, expanded sealant layers – polyethylene film. Marginal around the circumference of 15 centimeters.

Expanded clay can vary in thickness from four to twelve centimeters. The unit dry extractor using expanded clay allows you to run the internal wired communication, since the backfill should be two centimeters above the corrugations in the final design.

4. With a layer of expanded mud lighthouses carefully aligned. Accuracy test runs using the level will provide the most accurate indicators on the laser. According to the technique of dry extractors, subsequent packing gives layers of expanded clay with a rubber club for increased strength.

5. Next, a non-combustible, waterproof sheet GWP (2 layers). For fixation using glue and double-threaded screws. In this step, all the main steps in the dry extractor – finish.

After all stages of the dry massager, time is given to the design shrinkage. The room should be hot and dry, while "resting" for about two to three days. Due to shrinkage floor level becomes so smooth and bass-durable.