The ultimate dream 10 living rooms with stunning panoramic views

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Exchange of dreams: 10 living rooms with stunning panoramic views
There is something incredibly tranquil atmosphere, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Even with a very intense and busy life, you can always find at least a couple of minutes to admire the landscape outside the window and relax. Endless sea and high mountains will be an integral part of the interior, if it is correct to use some tricks.

Live from Toot Rise

Inner rooms from Meloy Architects

The perfect place to lie down and read a book, an eye watching the world.

Folding glass door – one of the most interesting design elements that allows you to admire the outstanding view. Particularly good is the presence of a terrace outside the door, which will connect the interior and exterior.

Living in Strata Tower

Inside room from Hazle McCormack Young LLP

The interior living room by CSA Architects

See when the sky changes color underneath the sunset can be endless. And although the room is quite low, neutral background cool shades in combination with textiles and carpets of coffee color helps to create a wonderfully warm atmosphere.

living room overlooking the river

Inner rooms from BBH Architects (Dartmouth) Ltd

About the window kaleidoscope of green hills, blue sky and the turquoise sea. It is the best choice for the living room becomes a white color scheme. This will create a visual contrast through which the landscape will lighten and the atmosphere in the room is bright and discreet.

Inside room from Hazle McCormack Young LLP

Venture over the threshold will not even be necessary, if the view from the living room is so beautiful. Even sitting on the sofa, you can feel the warm sand and warm waves. A large glass wall creates an illusion of being on the beach, and the color of the interior follows the golden tones of sand. On the other hand, panoramic views can be opened not only from the living room. The bathroom is not worse than her no beauty, either in an efficient way.