tiny apartment 13 square meters where there even hammock and wall decorated with bike

Tiny apartments: Szymon Hanczar

8 Clever Tiny Apartments That Prove Good Design Comes in All Sizes



Apartment area of ​​13 square meters

The designer from Poland refused space apartments in favor of a small room the size of a normal living room. He could place it in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, study and relaxation area, and one of the walls adorned with your favorite bike.

Planning a small apartment

The sleeping area is located above the cabinet
Residence designer is its signum. Shimon Hanchar (Szymon Hanczar) has long been involved in interior design and product design. Each project he considers is a kind of challenge. The biggest experiment for him was the work of a private apartment. According to Simon, consciously, he refused spacious housing. He wanted a small but functional space, where it would be convenient to live alone. After several years of living in the apartment area of ​​†<†<13 square meters, Simon admitted that he did not need more, but this option is very suitable for housing dynamics in the big city.

Bike on the wall
Shimon once again refused to wallpaper on the walls. In a small space, it is perfectly motivated. Instead, the designer painted the walls white with a nice beige shade. To make the interior of notes of creative and solve the problem of storing a bike, Simon put his velobayk directly on the wall. He became the accentual place of space and took over the attention, visually disturbing view of the small size of the room.

In the closet are not only hidden items, vacuum cleaners and washing machines
The apartment consists of a minimalist style, dating small spaces. The furniture is made of plywood, budget and elegant materials. Design at its laconic, without accessories. Small table sweater and turned into a dining area, a bedroom closet hides above. Such a construction can be done in a regular bedroom, it is good to save a useful area. Kitchen with a small niche, which is equipped with additional lighting. This method also works on the expansion of space.

Minimalistic strings sprained the skin. She points to the male character of the apartment. In addition, this makes the interior cozy carpet. Despite the small area of ​​the room, there is enough room for a hammock. Its location at the window is no coincidence. It was here that Simon likes to read your favorite book. In order not to overload the presence of the hammock space, choose a model with a transparent mesh. This hammock is almost unnoticed.