to dissolve in landscape 8 buildings with mirrored facades

Block E-15, twin u201cdissolving towersu201d at the Chongqing
Block E 15, twin u201cdissolving towersu201d at the Chongqing Financial Street project, Chongqing, China by Aedas Architects


Designers and architects all over the world are building-building, used mirrors in the interiors and exteriors of their creatures, which drives the boundaries of space, create unusual shapes, and completely change the usual perception of architectural shapes.

One of the strangest hotels based on the Earth. Mirror house cube floating in the air at an altitude of more than one person. The surrounding trees are reflected in the glass face of the cube and thus distinguish it among the green leaves is quite problematic.

Mirror facade disguise allow them to make "invisible", settle in the sky or in harmony "fits" in a woodland.

The rooftop terrace is the promenade, so that residents of the hotel although walking are invisible to curious eyes.

In one of the parks in Paris built a bio-ball. Outside, it is decorated with metal plates triangular, shiny surface that acts as a mirror.

The building has a mirror diameter of 36 meters, but walking in the park, it is almost invisible: the upper part of the sky is reflected in the bottom – green park, and the building is so illusory and unlikely even close up. The screen in this movie also has a spherical shape.

It would be strange about such sensors of natural beauty that the Japanese would have been adopted by the idea of ​​using mirror facades of buildings in order to achieve harmony with the environment.

Built in Gifu cafe surrounded by cherry blossoms. Reflected in the facades, trees form a magic forest, especially in spring, during flowering. Through the large windows of cherry blossoms can admire and those in the building.

Hard conditions make it difficult to use in DenmarkSpeel on the walls, so to create a mirror of houses that use polished stainless steel to shine. Its facade is decorated with leaves of the game pavilion in one of Copenhagen's parks.