tradition and modernity residential building successfully combining contrasting materials

A Study in Architectural Contrasts: 12 Modern-Meets-Historic
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Residential house facade with contrast in the district Divcibare.
The popular Serbian resort on Divcibaresluttning built a small house. Its main "highlight" was the facade, made on the contrast of colors and materials. According to architects, such unexpected choice is very appropriate in this case: is the dark part of the house in harmony with pines and the bright façade serves as a reference to the rocky terrain.

Architectural design studio EXE Studio.
Serbian architectural studio EXE Studios completed work in a residential building, located at Divcibare resort on a slope Maljen. In their work, the designers do not like simple solutions, in their ideas there is always room for creativity. This time decided to play on the contrast and make the facade of two different materials. Part of the house is lined with white ceramic tiles, while the other is covered with dark wood tiles. However, this game of contrasts can combine organic tradition and modernity.

House with a facade made on the contrast of colors and materials.

The house is divisible. Living room.
House is 76 square meters. Like the outside, inside the current zone division of the color spectrum. Against the house there is a living room and a kitchen. The wide windows provide maximum coverage living space and offer the owners a great view of the scenic area. If desired, you can always pull back to close the curtains window. "Dark" part of the house undeveloped bedroom, bathroom and porch.

The house is divisible. Living room.

Residential home in the Serbian village Divcibare.
In Japan, in a wooded area there is at least one contrasting home. Outside, the house looks like a regular cube, and it is filled with spatial numbers inside which create the effect of "interlacing".