travertine stone in decoration and construction

China Beige Travertine Stone Tile for Inside Decoration
China Beige Travertine Stone Tile for Inside Decoration & Construction Matrial


Finishing travertine almost as popular summer marble finish. Travertine (also known as stone – travertine) – a natural material that has the same origin as marble. Limestone, laid in the formation of 50 to 300 thousand years, is transformed by the influence of pressure and time in the travertine, and then, after a couple of thousand years – marble.

Stone travertine has the characteristics of both limestone and marble. It is very fancy, while resistant to weathering. Sufficiently hard to withstand mechanical damage, and soft enough to make it comfortable to handle.

In a world of many deposits of travertine and one of the most famous – in Turkey, Pamukkale. This is a place loved by tourists for the extraordinary beauty of white travertine terraces with bowls of natural reservoirs.

Due to different colors and shades of mining – from white to dark brown to red and burgundy, travertine cladding can be applied in any stylistic design direction. At the same time the shades of each stone tile are unique, and you can create a truly original, exclusive interior.

Stone travertine-resistant freezing temperatures, it can be used for exterior decoration of houses, where frost – a common phenomenon. To make stone waterproofing it is further processed with a special solution. After that it can be used not only for the exterior decor, but also for landscape design.

Often used travertine for flooring – it is resistant to abrasion and is also suitable for creating roads, bridges, banks.

To meet the travertine must be a product process, and it can also be done with a conventional circular saw with a diamond disc. As a result, the individual parts can be manufactured with high accuracy, maintaining the desired dimensions with tight tolerances. Travertine tiles can be laid so that the seams will not be – the edges meet nicely without leaving a small gap.

Surface treatment

Travertine is easy to process, it is quite easy to sand and polish. Brushed and polished travertine is used in the construction of the outer facade. Block of travertine is used as building material. Quite often, the travertine completes the finishing of other materials.

From the collection with travertine, rails and posts, columns and lists make for the decoration of windows and doors portals, as well as many other architectural elements of buildings.

The premises are used travertine wall cladding and flooring, trimmed from the sink and even bathtubs make windowsets, stairs, countertops, countertops, bar tops, and a variety of decorative elements of the interior.


When processing travertine nothing is lost: small pieces and chips go grinding, and then crushed stone should be brought into acidification of the ground. Due to its alkalinity lime reduces the acidity of the soil, which contributes to the growth of plants.