what do with remnants wallpaper and 13 ideas 30 examples

What to do with the remnants of wallpapers:

What to do with the remnants of wallpapers: 13 ideas and 30 examples



Do not hurry to throw the remains of the wallpaper.
Unexamined repairs and do not know where to apply the remnants of the wallpaper? Today we show some ideas to help load the pantry extra rolls and paper patches.

The background on the ceiling is interesting in the children's room
If you have one or more used rolls, they can apply for a roof decoration. In addition, you can refresh the interior of one of the rooms in the apartment, as well as make it more attractive and interesting.

Background on the door
This option looks very unusual, but the durable wallpaper will be perfect for him. It is desirable that they can be washed or painted as needed. Also with the help of the reception without problems created by the impact of a secret door, as shown in the example below.

The thin and thin strips wallpaper helps visually expand the boundaries of space

The ceiling can be accented part of the decor

The elegant design of the ceiling

With the wallpaper you can create the effect of a hidden door

Often our apartments are not perfect. They have weaknesses – uneven walls or unusual niche. Simply turn these disadvantages into benefits by using the remnants of the wallpaper. See how interestingly defeated niche wallpapered her wallpapers, illuminate built-in lights and decorated with lists.

Sometimes after repair are narrow and long crops, as at first glance there is no place to apply. Only they fit perfectly for the role of decoration stairs. This is particularly important in the country.

Another cool idea – decorate wallpaper refrigerators. Still looks better than many stickers or magnets. But in this experiment, agree that not everything, so you can try it in the same country.

Fridge, decorated with wallpaper

Where is safer to decorate wallpaper furniture. For example, the inside of drawers or shelves.

Background inside furniture looks very elegant

Select wallpaper for other interior issues

Surely this idea will attract needle women who do not mind interfering with the remains of wallpaper, glue and varnish for furniture. Background facades furniture is interesting, but it is a job that requires increased care and accuracy.

Desk decorated with the remnants of the wallpaper
Decorating furniture can be fragmentary, and if the number of Background permits, or even decorate a cabinet or chest of drawers completely.

Built in wardrobe with doors decorated with wallpaper

Wardrobe, wallpaper

Wallpapers bedside

The accent wall in the living room can be created with wallpaper and lists

Today it is the courage to assign a wall or even desserts to increase the visibility of a particular zone. For example, the head of the bed or the sofa in the living room. Background images for these purposes are perfect. In order to pay attention to this reception, it is enough to paste over the wallpaper border lists or sockets of paper.

The original main course

Another way to highlight the area of ​​the bed in the bedroom – to make the unusual bedside. For example, from old window frames decorated with pieces of wallpaper. It sounds strange, but it looks quite impressive.

Watches of wallpaper

Frames decorated with remnants of wallpaper
The elegant interior will be interesting to see the wallpaper expensive collections in gilded frames.

Black and white wallpaper in the interior

Background as lampshades for lamps -elegant and unusual decisions. It is enough to choose a small piece of wallpaper under textiles, decorative pillows or posters on the wall, the interior plays in several colors and transforms.

Shadow from wallpaper residues

Lamp of wallpaper

Turning an old coffee table or work table into a stylish piece of furniture is also easy with the help of wallpaper. To do this, cut a piece of wallpaper size countertops, as well as find the glasses of the same size, and use it to fix on the paper board. If desired, you can always change the background image. This allows you to use your favorite table, lost a good look for a long time.

Coffee table with wallpaper on the table

Slice of wallpaper on the desktop