white color in interior

Minimalist and Modern Loft Interior Design in White
Minimalist And Modern Loft Interior Design


The white color is attractive for its ease, impeccable cleanliness and efficiently. White in the interior – it's always a good move. He offers many opportunities not only for interior design, but also for changing the space, visually stretching the limits and increasing the volume. The interior of the white color was especially popular in Europe and America, the 20th century, when the white walls and furniture were a symbol of the aristocratic way of living the owners of the house, a sign of their wealth and refinement.

The minimalist interior 60 white was used in a whole new quality: at home with a minimum of furniture and decor was meant to emphasize rationality and concise spacious spaces. For white and always gravitated Scandinavian interiors, characterized by simple and clean lines, bright and clear colors, natural materials. White color is shown here as an expression of comfort, tranquility and naturalness.

Speaking of white interiors, we talk about condescending condolences. White has many shades and shades: ivory, baked milk, natural cotton and linen, color pearl, snow and cream Playing with different shades of white helps to create a sophisticated system, which is not to be monotonous. Not to mention the fact that white is the perfect background for the various shades of coffee, terracotta and wood. These combinations create a home cozy, warm atmosphere, giving the interior a special dignity.

White unique is that it allows you to create interiors in almost any style – from minimalist to parade and high-pitched. White decor can be quiet, spectacular, elegant, sophisticated, luxurious, elegant and festive.