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Colorful Letters World Map Wall Stickers for Living
Colorful Letters World Map Wall Stickers for Living Room/Study Room/Bed Room/Office Interior Design $17.97 Features: Home Decoration, Office Interior Design


The world map on the wall may be interesting. The solution is suitable for almost any type of space. It can be placed in any room: living room, children's room, office or kitchen – somewhere it can make interesting and original interior, the most important thing – to choose an option that is right for you.

Maps in each interior can be used: exact geographic or political, imagination, vintage or modern super – depending on the results you want.

The basic rule: other decorative items should not be a lot, and they should not divert attention. Let the world map in the interior become the main component, and the environment will be a calm background for her.

As a rule, the actual map, that is, pulling off the surface of the earth is placed on one of the walls, covering the other walls neutral bright shades like beige, olive, white.

If the size of the room is small, then the world map wall should not be multicolored. Best of all, if continent is to be labeled with one voice, the water surface – the other, and these colors are not too bright.

Inside maps can be any, for example, a map of your city or city where you want to relax, metro map, or your area will not only decorate the inside but also serve for your intended purpose – to quickly find a certain place or to make the necessary route.

Try to use the colors used in stuffed furniture, curtains, decorative elements of your interior.

Those who love to travel, enjoy celebrations on map sites already visited, and track future roads. For such people, the card in the interior is of particular importance.

If one of the walls causes color contour contours, denote individual cities, then doing such a brand can be directly on the wall. An interactive map that will work not only as a decoration but also a kind of pointer.

world map on the kitchen wall the post is bad hard: typically everyone occupied by cabinets and appliances space. In this case you can use the small map in the form of a poster, or cause drawing geographical map blinds.

Another option – to order the plate to the work area with a map view.