yellow color in interior

Yellow Color Decorating, Interior Design and Color Psychology
Yellow paint and living room furniture upholstery fabric, yellow and green color scheme for room decorating


Yellow – the lightest and bright colors in the spectrum. It belongs to the primary colors together with red and blue. Yellow color revives and freshens, positively affect mental activity, which activates the brain. It belongs to the warm colors and is associated with the summer and the sun, causes a sense of heat and absorbs negative energy. Use in interior design, will be easily combined with other colors.

But yellow can express contradiction. Too much yellow in the interior will be very intense and saturated. In pure shape, it is too annoying, without combination with other shades of this color in the interior better not to use. Combine it simply because yellow is easy to get into a combination with many other color palettes.

Shade yellow must be selected based on illumination and destination premises. If fun shades of light yellow color fits perfectly for the kitchen and will be a positive effect on people gathered there, the bedroom is more correct choice of light yellow. He will act calming and relaxing, which will give the bedroom a quiet atmosphere. Shades of yellow can be combined with black decorative elements that give a modern living room a bold and somewhat brutal color scheme and is designed to stimulate and inspire.

It is recommended to use this color accents, the individual elements of furniture or stroke. That way, it will not annoy, and the interior will be more vibrant and interesting.

Below you can go all the parts and accessories. Achieving unity in space design can only be based on all elements – walls, ceilings, furniture, curtains, carpets and other objects, and the friendly and vibrant shades of yellow colors bring to the inner harmony.